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- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

Was tagged by MurderDuck !! Haven't done a meme in a while now hehe!

Here's Oliver: 
Good ol Oliver by Harkill Let's go to the MOOOON! by Harkill Big Hug by Harkill  HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2013 by Harkill  Punk by Harkill  Blargh by Harkill

1. Oliver has 3 older brothers. In our original ideas, two of them dies. One because of an overdose, and the other because of a fight going terrible wrong against Oliver + alcohol + bad temper involved.

2. He has sharp deadly teeth. If he loses his temper and goes into rage mode, he doesn't think and only acts on instinct which usually ends up with him biting whatever he manages to latch onto, making him very dangerous in these situations... 

3. He's a sneaky devil and very good at pickpocketing, to the point where he even steals without noticing himself! 

4. Surprisingly forgiving. Just give him some time, and he'll forgive you eventually. If he doesn't, you must have messed up PRETTY bad and don't deserve it, most likely o_o

5. He has a different dad than his brothers. The mom cheated, but kept him, and she stayed with her original husband. Because of this, he is younger than his bros and not very liked by his stepdad... 

6. Isn't the most intelligent creature out there. 

7. Is poor. Has a house, but it's pretty much empty... 

8. Will try to hit on anyone and anything. Don't give him hints if you're not interested, he'll pick up on it right away and never leave you alone =____= 


I tag:
Naimane and Kirai
Desperish and Benedict
cryoclaire and Lin AND Dan 
Lexionn  and Axel
Ckirean and Christopher 
Creature13 and Gabe 

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zaftwiggy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I swear, everytime I go through your artwork I get the happy chills- your artstyle is just so mad beautiful :"")
I was really curious though, how long have you been working on your comic for? :0

I've been always wanting to make a comic, but I have a hard time starting out because, well, plot :")
Love your stuff so much <3 Always excited to see more!
Crazybroyo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope this isn't a stupid question. Is there some way for me to read your comic? Is it on a website or something?
(1 Reply)
Crazybroyo Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love ur art style, it kinda reminds me of Dorohedoro
(1 Reply)
ShaneseKS Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Happy Birthday U u U

hope you have  good one
(1 Reply)
bulgolgi Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016   Digital Artist
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