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Wanna draw a HeLL(P) summer drawing! Who's gonna be the main attraction?? 

9 deviants said Marcus
5 deviants said No4
5 deviants said Domino
4 deviants said No1
4 deviants said Fritz
3 deviants said Rip
2 deviants said Grayson
1 deviant said Someone else? Suggest! (Suggestions to scene is more than welcome too!)



The THEMES! Here they are:…
1. Purple
2. Cerulean
3. Sublime
4. Headache
5. The End
6. Forbidden
7. Iron
8. Glow
9. Steam…
10. panic
11. electric…
12. happy days
13. bleak…

(I have done all above, but deleted most of them later, so there was no need to keep the links)
16. sunrise
17. the seven deadly sins - separately
- Sloth
- Lust
- Envy
- Pride
- Wrath
- Gluttony
- Greed
18. Defenestrated (the act of throwing one out a window)
19. Supple
20. Problematic
21. Insomnia
22. Hybrid
23. Aspergers
24. Balcony
25. Stealth
26. Poison
27. Cuckoo
28. Death Bed
29. Almost
30. Crazy
31. Run
32. Laundry Detergent
33. Sad tidings
34. Bring it.
35. sharks
36. rat torture
37. fog
38. guts
39. splintered
40. collared
42. shiny black
43. raining sunshine
45. the lottery
46. Legion (One who is possessed by many demons)
47. Backwards
48. Lemons
49. circus
50. scream
51. sleep
52. water
53. tatterdemalion
54. frippery
55. snickersnee,
56. spondulicks
57. pilliver (pillow cover)
58. moth
59. well
60. cards
61. Dirt
62. Decision
63. Aurora
64. Hellion (Troublemaker)
65. Verve
66. Phosphorescent
67. Cannibalism
68. Legion(Army of demons)


:iconbadass-group: :iconfuckedupnose: :iconhellpcomic:


Artist | Professional | Varied
I know I'm probably too late to get the badge, and I wasn't really planning to do this thing, but after being tagged a few times by other people under inspiration (ono!<3 ) I woke up this morning and thought it would be a bit silly of me not to do it. Deviantart has indeed been a big part of my life. So here it goes...
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    With this account, soon 6 years, but before that I also had another account for maybe 1-2 years.

  • What does your username mean?

    When I made this account I wanted an english word, or a word that didn't mean anything, but was easy to spell, say and remember. I also thought it would be sooo cool to have something like "kill" in it, and BAM, I came up with Harkill. I've been happy with it ever since! 

  • Describe yourself in three words.

    Silly, weird, friendly

  • Are you left or right handed?

    Right handed! 

  • What was your first deviation?

    HMMMM.... I think I've deleted it, but I think this one is the oldest in my gallery:

    Pyromaniac... by Harkill

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Usually something cool, grungy and badass, but other times something sad, slightly gory and yucky. 

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Hm, maybe typical speedpaint concept art? Or the style in the mangas Dorohedoro or Blade of the Immortal.

  • What was your first favourite?

    Man, I have nooo idea.... And I'm not gonna scroll all the way back in my favs, sorry!

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    After a glance at my favs, I would say grungy, rough and sketchy stuff. Atmospheric stuff. I'm a picky person, I like to use my favs as a reference and place for inspiration, so I don't usually just fav things without a reason. 

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    Lexionn because we talk about every day! òAó But also Minyi and cryoclaire (Who I will meet in November). I think it would be fun to meet HJeojeo too UuU 

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    It's story time!!! Back in the days, Chat-Mot and I were talking a lot online here on dA. We ended up being penpals, and then finally, we got the opportunity to meet! Mot and meurdok came down to visit Ckirean and myself in England, AND IT WAS THE WEEKEND OF MY LIFE! (No storm and rivers of rainwater in the streets could change that!). And the story doesn't end there! A year later, as a result of their trip down to meet us, meurdok decided to study at the same university as us!! So... These silly fellow deviants has impacted my life a lot from being some weirdos online to being some of my best, real life friends...... Now I'm just sad they live so far away again TT_TT

    More fellow deviants have impacted my life, but I guess that's the end of the story for now. Lets just say I've had only good experiences when it comes to other people here on the site. Never had any weird dA drama.

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Watercolor, ink, pencils, A GOOD ERASER! *looks at Chat-Mot * I also like mixing other things into it, like color pencils, charcoal, tea/coffee if I'm feeling creative. Also Photoshop.

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    In a cafe with a nice big table and a big cup of coffee. A friend or two by my side is a bonus too.

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    Can't really think of just one. Maybe when I was doing the weird "Donate a drawing of Helmet Guy(no1) for my wall" thing xD Does anyone remember that? It was before HeLL(P) had even started, I was in uni and had a really empty big board in my room, and I got people to send me their drawings of No1 to pin up there! IT WAS SO COOL!!! And I got so many letters ;A; And then I replied to all of them with a doodle. Ah.... 

    And I can't remember who or when it was, but being mentioned for the first time by people as their inspiration was pretty crazy, and getting my first "fanart" and having awesome artists agree to do art trades with me OnO I HAVE SO MANY FOND MEMORIES *cries*

    Ok, I'm gonna stop now! Thanks to everyone who read this and are still hanging around, even if I've not been very active here lately! D: 


  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Eating: Hungry oAo
  • Drinking: THE TEA IS BREWING!


Finally got a cool idea for a HeLL(P) contest! :D
Sketching out some fresh HeLL(P) pages! Feels great and exciting! (Also testing out the app here!)

#Sketch #hellpcomic

Filename by Harkill
Trying out the new dA app, lookin goood! ~


-wears this new title proudly-
Tue Apr 7, 2015, 7:48 PM
Aaah such a pretty shout box UuU <3 you are the shout box janitor!
Tue Apr 7, 2015, 4:39 AM
-strokes shoutbox and paints fancy things all over it-
Mon Apr 6, 2015, 3:21 PM
Poor neglected shoutbox. NEED TO FILL IT WITH MORE COMMENTS. YES.
Mon Apr 6, 2015, 3:21 PM
or weeks... or months.. or.. YEARS O_O
Fri Jan 9, 2015, 11:55 AM


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